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Smoking     Excessive Drinking Weight control      Sexual Problems Loss of Creativity      Exam Nerves Decision Making      Motivation   Pain  Control           Goal Setting      Anxiety        Lack of Assertiveness Feelings of Shame        Temper Low Self-Esteem      Shyness    Sports motivation     Confidence   Dental Phobia     Relaxation        Study difficulties     Motivation     Public Speaking         Pain Control     Stress              Phobias               Blood Pressure           Stuttering   Panic Attacks       Tinnitus     Asthma                    Blushing           Enuresis (bedwetting)       Headaches        Depression Vaginismus      Fear of flying Irritable Bowel Syndrome     Trichotillomania (hair  pulling)  


In practising as a psychologist I am bound to the ethical codes and standards of the Psychological Society of  Ireland (PSI), and as a hypnotherapist to those of the Clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy Association, The CHPA

Clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy Association Ltd, The CHPA, is dedicated to the advancement of the profession of hypnotherapy and ethical use of hypnosis in Ireland.  The CHPA is a non-profit making organisation whose members have followed a course of Definitive logo complete (2)training which meets the minimum prescribed criteria for recognised hypnotherapy courses as established by the UK authorities. This enables them to practice hypnotherapy.      

Members of The CHPA and are governed by the Code of  Practice Ethics enforced by the Association.
All queries about The CHPA or its membership should be addressed to them. Their website can be reached by clicking on their logo.


National Council for Hypnotherapy (UK)

Jacquelyne Morison Hypnotherapy Training



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